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Update 4
June 1, 2019
Optimization! The game was getting sluggish at around 200 monsters, now its possible to run at least 2000 monsters (on a beefy computer).
Change log
- New character model
- Better font scaling
- Update character screen with new models
- Add equipment animation
- Inventory in character module

- Remove deprecated modifiers for items
- Improve random modifier generation
- Generate items with new modifiers

- Pathing now only calculates at a given
- Optimized WorldModule drawing. Reduced draw time by 60%
- Create a profiler making debugging resource usage much easier

- Fixed nasty memory access bug with libgdx which caused the JVM to crash
- Fix bug in modifier generator when no mods present

- Update resource monitor to be generalized
- Constant colors for normal resource monitors
- Refactor CharacterModule
- Better resource display. Show ms for frame and for game updates
- Refactor hoverbox to hoverbox and clickbox
- Add new character module
- Add memory usage to resource display
Update 3
May 6, 2019
Graphical update with improvements to monster pathing
Change log
- Update colors (colormind.io)
- Add aggressive monster
- Add parallax and graphic for main screen and talent tree
- Add lootbar
- Implement LootModule with animations based on Lootbar
- Add animation and gfx for circle of fire
- Add attack animation and collision animation

- Add sound effect for lootbar (sound-effect made by coffee cup and toothpick)

- Add profiling of gameloop
- Add async resource loading

- Update debug hotkeys
- A* debug drawing
- Add cli ascii art

- Fixed bug with item index in lootmodule

- A* algorithm
- Add debug options for main, you can now run modules easier
- Add boss scenario with boss
- Add parameter for number of monsters on debug-startup
- Add cheat to select whatever map you want in the universe screen
- Refactor equipment management
- Add collision groups
- Rework modifier engine and modifier system
- Use loot from lootbar instead of entity manager
- Moved loot and loot systems to engine
- Restructure project. Move modules out of core engine
- Moved overlays out of engine core
- Clean up SlimeEnemy
- Move Slime enemy clean up logic to teardown function
- Bump library versions
- Add delta for update AND draw
Update 2
Apr 16, 2019
World map selector and equipment
Change log
- Add death screen
- Integrate world selector in gameplay
- Add currency and fragment items
- World selector
- Working inventory with equipment swapping
- Add simple equipment
- Add equipment screen
- Add modifiers
- Add reflect modifier

- Add tiles and simple shooting graphic
- Add character sprite
- Add universe screen zoom and offset to global state
- Add galaxy drawing
- Scaled click position for universe selecting
- Add scaling world icons
- Add new icons
- Graphical scaling
- Add inventory and equipment buttons

- Soundtrack
- Sound effects for attacks
- Music player and sound loading hack

- Optimized new world optimization algorithm speed by 30 times
- Change world optimization wall algorithm, use collision to playable world to check if we should keep wall
- Draw optimization for Universe
- Optimized hover effect for universe selection

- Keybindings file. Update item drops
- Add keybinding info overlay
- Fatjar build step
- Add concept of item rarirty
Update 1
Jan 26, 2019
Initial video of the game concept
Change log
- Started work on a game engine
- World map generation
- Physics
- Simple attacks